Axel Hebmüller
Managing Director and founder

“TRUST IN MORE: Every day new challenges that we work on in a great team!”

Ryan Lilly
Ryan Lilly
General Manager USA

“Working for Hebmueller has provided an opportunity to be exposed to the professional environment of the international aerospace industry. The company’s respected background as an aerospace supplier if evident when communicating with existing and potential customers. I thoroughly enjoy working with a manufacturing company, especially with the international reach that Hebmueller has. From the start, the administration and team have been extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with as I have learned the company culture and nature of the business.”

Berthold Breuer
Assembly Manager

“I work for Hebmüller Aerospace because a family-run company makes a big difference here. I am allowed to lead the small production team, which ensures that there are always enough valves available for our customers.”

Berthold Breuer
Berthold Breuer
Alexander Dürkopp
Research & Development

At Hebmüller Aerospace, innovation and safety intersect. That’s the challenge I love about my job.”

Harrison Blower
Account Manager

I enjoy supporting the American team at Hebmueller Aerospace and finding new innovative ways to help our customers.

Harrison Blower
Fransika Kux
Franziska Kux
Order Processing

“The best about my job is the fact that no plane is allowed to fly without the function of the valves we produce. I do not produce them by myself – but our stunning team does! And we are selling them in all over the world. That is what makes it so exciting for me to work at Hebmüller Aerospace.”

Hendrik Tillmann
Inside Sales

“I look forward to going to work every day anew and to facing new challenges. The varied work, as well as the contact with customers from all over the world give me a lot of fun while working. The aviation sector is a very interesting area for me, because without our valves no aircraft could take off. Due to the very good cohesion within the team, you have a relaxed working atmosphere.”

Hendrick Tillmann
Jana Kallen
Jana Kallen

“I like at my job the daily communication with people all over the world. It is rich in variety and great fun to work with my colleagues. I am glad to be on the team!”

Nicole Hebmüller

“Working in a familiar atmosphere with our international clients is a pleasure every day.”

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